Ice911Research is a nonprofit dedicated to restoring polar ice, starting with the Arctic.



Why Arctic ice?

It’s urgent! Arctic sea ice used to act as a huge white reflector at the top of the planet. It bounced much of the sun's energy back into space and helped keep the Earth at an even temperature.

According to the 2018 Arctic report card issued from the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

  • Surface air temperatures in the Arctic continue to warm 2x the rate relative to the rest of the world. Arctic air temperatures for the past five years have exceeded all previous records since 1900.

  • Over the past four decades, the oldest, thickest Arctic sea ice has declined by a devastating 95%.

  • Herd populations of caribou and wild reindeer across the Arctic tundra have declined by nearly 50% over the last two decades.

  • Warming Arctic Ocean conditions are coinciding with an expansion of harmful toxic algal blooms and are threatening food sources.


These changes that are happening in the Arctic don’t just affect that region but have rippling effects WORLDWIDE


Our Solution

We’ve spent the past decade testing and developing hollow nontoxic microspheres.

Once dispersed in limited, strategic locations, the microspheres would act as a thin reflective layer on Arctic ice.

The microspheres can restore the region’s natural heat shield, rebuild its wildlife habitats, and help stabilize global climate.

Ice911’s #1 rule is “first do no harm.” Our microspheres are safe for humans, animals, aquatic life, and ecosystems.



The arctic’s oldest ice
is vanishinG

This video from NOAA tracks Arctic ice loss from 1990 to 2016. Seasonal ice is dark blue and the ice 9+ years is white.



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