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We're a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to climate restoration, starting with the Arctic ice and polar habitat.

Restoring Arctic ice is urgent. It’s warming two times faster than the rest of the world. Over the past four decades, the oldest, thickest ice in the Arctic has declined by a devastating 95%. The temperature increased, sea ice was lost, polar bears, caribou, and reindeer declined, and harmful toxic algal blooms killed marine life.

The Arctic’s lost reflectivity is affecting the rest of the world. The changes that are happening in the Arctic don’t just affect that region but have rippling effects worldwide. Arctic sea ice used to act as a huge white reflector at the top of the planet, bouncing much of the sun's energy back into space, helping keep the Earth at an even temperature.

We’ve spent the past decade testing and developing methods to use safe materials as a thin reflective layer on Arctic ice. Once dispersed in limited, strategic locations the chosen material, hollow glass microspheres, can restore the region’s natural heat shield, rebuild its wildlife habitats, and help stabilize global climate. The microspheres have undergone ecotoxicological testing that has shown them to be safe for humans, animals, aquatic life, and ecosystems.

With full funding throughout a span of 5-7 years for a selected Arctic sea ice/glacier location, we could answer all major R&D questions of efficacy, safety, deployment methodology, climate modeling for optimized materials placement, and measurement of effectiveness and eco-impact via test-site monitoring.

Our Founding Principles

First, do no harm
Our material is safe for humans and animals. We will not use a material that proves harmful.

Work with full transparency & permission
We believe the public and relevant permitting agencies have a right to know about our climate restoration work.

Do the most with the least
A small amount of material goes a long way when applied to a strategic location of the Arctic. There is an immediate improvement, and then like small, yearly contributions to an investment account, the results compound over time.

Don't give up
Our goal is to see the Arctic restored to its important role in keeping the planet cool. We’ve been accelerating this work diligently for a decade and will continue to do so until the goal is met.

Ask “if not now, when? If not us, who?”
We can’t assume others will take care of climate change, relieving the rest of us from the responsibility to take action. Not acting now to stop Arctic ice loss, and restore our Arctic heat shield, will affect everybody on the planet.

At a Glance

Founder and CTO
Dr. Leslie Field

Interim Executive Director
Dr. Steven Zornetzer

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Menlo Park CA, 94025, USA

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