10 years of research and testing, decades of benefits, and 5 defining principles.


1. Do no harm. Our material is safe for humans and animals and already exists in the environment, and we would never use a material that proves harmful even if it saves ice.

2. Don't give up. Our goal is to see the Arctic restored to its important role in keeping the planet cool. We have been working on this diligently for a decade, and will continue to do so until the goal is met.

3. Do the most with the least. A small amount of our material goes a long way when applied to a strategic location of the Arctic. Much like small, yearly contributions to an investment account, the results compound over time.

4. Work with full transparency and permission. We believe the public and relevant agencies must know about our climate restoration work.

5. Ask “if not now, when? If not us, who?” We don’t assume others will take care of climate change. Not acting to stop Arctic ice loss will affect everybody on the planet, and we have a feasible, scalable solution that’s ready to test and eventually deploy.