A Huge Thank You From Our Founder

Leslie Field

It's now just past Thanksgiving, and we're beginning that rush to the holidays. The end of the old year, and the ringing in of the new. It's a time of thanks, sharing, love, music and wonder - and sometimes too much to do!

For those of you who took the time on Giving Tuesday to support our work, our deep and heartfelt thanks! You helped push us towards our fundraising goal, and we appreciate you very much. 

If you didn’t didn't quite have the time yet, we hope you'll donate before the year's end, so we can accomplish our testing and climate modeling goals. In 2018, we reached a larger donor base than ever before.

Your donations power our work, which is a safe, cost-effective and practical solution to one of the largest levers on climate change — rebuilding ice in the Arctic. The more funding we have, the faster we can get the work done, and the sooner we can implement the solution at scale in the Arctic, slowing ice loss in the Fram Strait and rebuilding ice in the Beaufort Gyre.

Wishing you many joys, and many reasons to be thankful. We are thankful for your support, which fuels our work, and warms our hearts. Thank you very much!

~ Leslie

Like a white shirt on a hot summer day, our material reflects heat, protecting the Arctic ice below.