Our Stanford University Class: All welcome!

The 10th year of Dr. Leslie Field's Stanford University course, Engineering, Entrepreneurship & Climate Change, is underway. Auditors are always welcome to drop into any session.


EE 292H: Engineering, Entrepreneurship & Climate Change

Tuesdays 4:30-5:50 p.m.

450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 380

Room 380-380Y, Stanford University


In a world desperate for climate solutions, the course will highlight some of the very promising work ongoing in the world today and suggest ways we can all approach the challenge of our times. A recurring theme throughout the quarter is, “Every Degree Matters. Every Degree is Worth Fighting For.”

This seminar series class helps students and professionals consider engineering and entrepreneurial approaches to climate change challenges. We benefit from a diverse and fascinating roster of engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, financial, policy and governance experts, and even a courageous explorer or two, as they share their perspectives and experiences in climate change and engineering solutions, and the challenges that come from working to do something real, something that works at scale.

The Ice911 Research team at our Arctic Circle test site in Utqiaġvik, Alaska (also known as Barrow).

The Ice911 Research team at our Arctic Circle test site in Utqiaġvik, Alaska (also known as Barrow).

Each week’s guest speaker(s) will give a talk on their area of expertise and encourage a lively discussion. Students will do pre-reading on each week’s subject matter and submit questions in advance of the lecture.

Confirmed Guest Speakers throughout Fall 2019*

  • 9/24/19: Climate Change, Engineering, and Climate Restoration
    Dr. Leslie Field, Stanford professor, Ice911 Research

  • 10/01/19: Entrepreneurship and EVs
    Marc Tarpenning, Tesla Co-Founder

  • 10/08/19: Ocean-Inspired Entrepreneurs
    Dr. David Smernoff and Dr. Rocco Mancinelli, HelioBioSys

  • 10/15/19: Ruggedized Field Testing, Instrumentation & Engineering
    Alexander Sholtz, Ice911 Research; Satish Chetty, Hera Systems

  • 10/22/19: Storytelling and Sustainability: An Ocean Rower’s Perspective
    Roz Savage, ocean rower, environmental advocate, author

  • 10/29/19: Policy and Finance in Climate, Oceans & Ice
    Kate Gordon, CA OPR; Stanford Professors Alicia Seiger and Robert Dunbar

  • 11/05/19: Workshop: Solving “Impossible” Climate Problems
    Kimberly Wiefling, Wiefling Consulting; Kat Taylor, Beneficial Bank and TomKat Ranch

  • 11/12/19: Solutions Now. Crystal Chissell, Drawdown
    Lisa Hoyos and Bruce Hamilton, Sierra Club

  • 11/19/19: Converting CO2 into Building Material. Financing Climate Solutions.
    Dr. Brent Constantz, Blue Planet; Tom Baruch, Baruch Future Ventures

  • 12/03/19: Every Degree Matters
    Dr. Leslie Field, Ice911 and Dr. Subarna Bhattacharyya, Climformatics

Suggested reads: “Cold Cash, Cool Climate” by Jonathan Koomey, Ph.D.; “The Global Warming Reader” ed. by Bill McKibben; Paul Hawken’s “Drawdown”, and Peter Wadhams’ “A Farewell to Ice”. Topical readings are available online to registered students, in advance of each lecture.

This course may be repeated for credit.

If you’re unfamiliar with Stanford, please use this interactive map to help you get around. 

* Speaker order might change. Please check our Twitter the day prior to each class for confirmed speaker.