Increased Arctic Awareness

Barrow, Alaska June 2018

Barrow, Alaska June 2018


The last few months have been a whirlwind of exciting activity! As more people begin to understand the importance of the Arctic (and of our solution), our message of hope through positive action are increasingly in demand. Our team made multiple trips to the Arctic for this season’s field testing and were filmed by VICE Media in the field. Now we are steadily receiving updates from our instrumentation on snow, ice, and weather conditions, while we wait to gather our most important seasonal data on the performance of our ice-saving materials during the melt.

laudato si.png

I presented our work at the Laudato Sí conference in Rome that the Center for Climate Restoration hosted. I also enjoyed presenting at the GeoMIP conference in Zurich, expanding our collaboration opportunities with other Arctic restoration scientists, engineers, and modelers. Additionally, we were invited to present to the UN regulatory group in charge of policy and permitting for work on sea ice at their meeting in Chile, where we were honored guests, complete with a military escort to the meeting.

There have also been fun outreach and fundraising events. Recently, I spoke as a part of a panel sponsored by the French Embassy in San Francisco for their “After Tomorrow” series, focused on climate, sustainability, and the future. The panelists include myself, a sustainability expert, a French science fiction writer, and a High School student, all moderated by GreenBiz, at the Autodesk Gallery in SF. You can watch the presentation here.  

ice911 graphic.png

We’ve seen Ice911’s first peer-reviewed publication, in collaboration with Climformatics, in Earth’s Future. The same group of collaborators continues to work on two more papers about the specific effect on targeted deployments of the material in the Arctic and other areas like Greenland. Such scientific discussion, collaboration, and constant improvement continue to be essential as we move forward. Here’s a figure summarizing the kind of impact climate modeling shows we can have on restoring the climate.

Our team is taking its place as an internationally known approach to restoring Arctic Ice and stabilizing our climate. At one point this spring, our core team members were in Alaska, Chile, and Italy, all working diligently to ensure our success. I now lead the international Polar Restoration Action Group (PRAG), part of the recently launched Center for Climate Restoration, and the shared vision and hard work of this dedicated group of scientists and engineers working together with experts working on governance, funding, and narrative to save and restore polar ice, adds to my conviction and hope that we can substantially help the earth’s climate for our future and for those who come after us.

Thank you again for remaining a steadfast part of our family of supporters as we grow, and for helping to slow the melt and to rebuild polar ice.

Stay cool!