Our 2018 Summer Report

Dr. Leslie Field

2018 has been an incredible year of outreach for us. The list that follows is amazing, as you’ll see. And what it means to me, personally, is a very heartening change from the original reception of my work (12 years ago) when I got comments like, “oh, you must really like polar bears” (which is true - but that’s not the only reason I do what I do).

This year, we had an HBO film crew visit our Arctic test site. Our team gave presentations in Italy, Chile, Sweden, Iceland! I’m also proud (and humbled) to say my class at Stanford continued to be packed.

Some details:

  • More and more people have come to understand that the rapid melt of ice in the Arctic impacts all of us, all over the world. Closer to home, in California, where we’re based, those effects are seen most in terms of drought, massive wildfires, and extreme weather.

  • Climate modeling has shown us that we can not only slow the melt of ice in the Arctic with our solution of using a safe reflective floating sand-like material - but that we can restore Arctic ice, by using it in strategic areas in the Arctic. Wow.

  • We’ve been invited to present our work all over the world - an amazing spring included presentations in Rome, Zurich, and Chile.

  • We have added some very key members to our Governing Board and Advisory Board rosters, and they are doing amazing outreach on our behalf.

  • With progress like this, we *can* restore Arctic ice! Thanks to you, for joining in this impactful work!