A 42 Mile Climate Hike

Earlier this month, our Founder Dr. Leslie Field and her son Greg hiked and rafted a total of 42 miles to experience Glacier National Park. They were in the company of 22 dedicated climate hikers and five excellent guides.

It was awesome, beautiful, challenging and fun.

The conversations on the trail and around the campfire were deep, passionate, and lively, the learning about the park was detailed and fascinating, the views were breath-taking, the flowers and animal sightings amazing. Bighorn sheep ruled the trail! Grizzly families played with each other like heavyweight wrestlers.

There was also bad news, as we'd feared. Grinnell Glacier has melted to form a lake, and the remaining ice/snow has shrunk so much that during our hike, Grinnell was reclassified from a glacierto a snow field. By 2030, it’s predicted that all the glaciers in in the park will be gone. Truly heartbreaking.

What we saw and learned, and the connections we made, will help with the work and with knowing that we are part of a community that cares deeply about climate issues, a community that can and will work together to make things better.