Welcome to Utqiaġvik!

Our Arctic Circle test site is in Utqiaġvik, Alaska (also known as Barrow). The town is located at the northernmost tip of the United States, and is surrounded by wilderness tundra and not accessible by road. (Support us with a one hour snowmobile rental!)

Utqiaġvik, a population of about 4,000, is home to the Iñupiat people, as well as many scientists who’ve come to the area for work.

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Lake Testing

We test our material on Arctic lake ice. We use an automated material spreader to ensure that the solution is uniformly distributed. Last year, 15,000 square meters of material was deployed.

Positive Results

Because testing happens on lake ice, the team is able to observe what happens to the material when the ice fully melts. The areas of Ice911-treated lake ice have consistently shown higher reflectivity and thickness (as compared to untreated lake ice). Studies also found the treated areas weren’t reactive and the material integrated naturally with soil at the shore.