Overview of Current Climate Modeling

Combining the data received at our testing sites with expert climate modelers has led to profound results that indicate possible benefits of our microspheres leading to ice restoration in the Arctic. This climate modeling is also steering us to areas that will have the highest impact for future deployment. By focusing on these areas, we believe our deployment methods will have the greatest effect on saving the Arctic Ice and helping to mitigate future climate change.


Preliminary Results

Preliminary climate modeling shows that by spreading our material on ice in the Arctic, we can:

  • Reduce Arctic average temperatures by 1.5°C
  • Reduce the climb in global temperatures
  • Increase ice volume by 10% over 40 years
  • Increase average ice thickness by 20-50cm

We would like to build on this modeling with more sizes and strategic locations like the Beaufort Gyre, but we need your support to do so.


Consider donating today to help us determine precisely where in the Arctic and how much of our material will do the most good for the planet.