We have gotten our boots planted in various locations, including the Arctic. While our methods for testing and materials have developed over time, we have deployed our materials in varying areas and concentrations, with a control to compare our findings. Through our field testing, we seek the perfect area and concentration for slowing melt to scale up in the future. 

Current Test Sites


Our main test site in Barrow, located at the Northernmost tip of Alaska in the Arctic circle, is home to our largest deployment yet. In 2017, we deployed our material solution on 17,500 square meters (over four acres) of ice. With our proprietary remote monitoring buoy, Jelly 2, we can track how our material is performing from our lab in California and verify the material's effectiveness.

See more photos from a recent trip to the site in our Image Gallery.



Our smaller test site near Minneapolis, MN serves as a more easily accessible location to run pilot tests on our deployment methods, monitoring buoys, and custom materials. This site is overseen daily by one of the Ice911’s PhD scientists, and can also be tracked remotely from our lab in California.

Past Test Sites