Leslie Field

President and Chairman of the board

Leslie Field PhD, has been working to save polar ice since 2006. An inventor with 52 US patents who worked at HP Labs, Agilent Labs and Chevron Research, Leslie earned her BS and MS in chemical engineering from MIT and her MS and PhD in electrical engineering from UC Berkeley. Now she runs both Ice911 Research and SmallTech Consulting and lectures at Stanford.


Satish Chetty


Satish Chetty specializes in polar instrumentation and open source solutions, and founded the annual Polar Technology Conference in 2005. He has an MS in information systems and a BS in electrical and electronics engineering from American University and is director of technology for PERI Software Solutions.



CTO, Optics

Shalini Venkatesh, PhD, is a physicist and expert in optics and medical physics. Born in India and educated in the United Kingdom, she has worked in the US since 1988, first in corporate R&D and now as a self-employed consultant. She is a registered patent agent and joined Ice911 in 2013.


Alex sholtz

research engineer

Alex Sholtz does field research, testing, deployment, and instrumentation for Ice911. He joined the team in 2015 after graduating magna cum laude with a BS in materials science and engineering from the University of Michigan. Alex enjoys being outside and the opportunity to work on something meaningful.

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Roman is a Master's student in Stanford's Energy Engineering program. He is particularly interested in the intersection of climate change, engineering, and entrepreneurship, including the commercialization of emerging renewable energy technologies. At Ice911, Roman bridges the gap between engineering and execution by handling strategy and business development. In his spare time, you’ll find him hiking, attending clean tech events, and going on road trips across California.







Mateusz Bryning;   Remy Cromer;   Roman Decca;   Bryce Jacobs; Doug Johnson;   Tony Manzara;   Alyssa Montalvo;   Julie Parrino;   Chris Silva;   Paul Walter;   Winston Wang;   Heather Woods