It is increasingly clear that we need action now to ease climate change. With your help, Ice911 can implement its 3-year plan, Mission 2020, to significantly reduce global temperature rise.


Demonstrate the large scale benefits of applying our solution on sea ice in the lower Arctic, where polar bears are in dire need of ice from which they hunt for survival. Working with necessary permissions, Ice911 expects to deploy a square kilometer of its material and increase ice extent to support polar bear habitat. 


Use drones to deploy a 20x scaled test area of our material in the Beaufort Gyre or Fram Strait, where our material can have the greatest impact on saving ice and cooling the planet. Refine instrumentation, modeling, and deployment methods based on information from this launch to maximize effectiveness for full-scale deployment


Make a large-scale launch of reflective materials in the Fram Strait, Beaufort Gyre, or coast of Greenland.  A large reflective boost in the Arctic would help retain significant volumes of ice and reduce the climb in global temperatures. The launch will use aerial drones to spread the material, with measurable impacts seen by the summer. Over several years, the solution could prevent trillions of dollars of damages worldwide