Every year, more bright multiyear ice disappears from the Arctic. And every year, the exposed ocean absorbs a little more heat. Ice911 focuses on active interventions to make the largest possible impact on global temperatures. Our harmless silica spheres are just one example: they can make up for the missing ice safely, cheaply, and effectively.

Ice911’s reflective spheres, which mimic bright ice to reflect 90% of the sun’s heat.

Ice911’s reflective spheres, which mimic bright ice to reflect 90% of the sun’s heat.

Safe for all

Our material is made of silica and is engineered to be harmless to humans, animals, and local ecosystems. Silica is often used as an ingredient in toothpaste or milkshake mixes and is ingested by birds to improve digestion. Best of all, the silica microspheres slowly degrade into sand over time.

Low-cost & Scalable

Mimicking the reflective properties of bright multiyear ice is one of the most inexpensive proposals for slowing climate change. It’s also fast and simple. With the right funding and permits, we can start today at the scale needed to carry out Mission 2020 and begin preserving the Arctic ice cap.


Because our goal within a few years is to protect 15,000 to 50,000 square kilometers of ice, Ice911 has pioneered several methods for spreading our material without putting humans on sea ice. In April 2017, we successfully tested our first autonomous deployment and covered approximately 17,500 square meters of Arctic ice.

Ready to Deploy

Unlike more harmful and expensive solutions that must go through another decade of testing, Ice911 has already spent a decade testing potential solutions. Through years of careful experimentation, we have isolated the most effective and safe material solution for increasing the reflectivity of ice. And it's producible today at the quantities needed to make a significant impact on global temperatures.

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