Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Climate Change at Stanford University

Dr. Leslie Field in Alaska

Dr. Leslie Field's fall course starts September 25, at 4:30 pm at Stanford University. You are welcome, and encouraged, to drop into any session you have time to attend!

In a world desperate for climate solutions, we will highlight some of the promising work and suggest ways to approach the challenge of our times. Our recurring theme is, “It’s time to solve this.”

Arctic sea ice

This seminar series class helps students and professionals consider engineering and entrepreneurial approaches to climate change challenges. We benefit from a diverse and fascinating roster of engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, funders and even a courageous explorer or two, as they share their perspectives and experiences in climate change and engineering solutions and the challenges that come along with working to do something real at scale.

Arctic test site
Snow bunting in Arctic

Students will do pre-reading on each week’s subject matter and submit questions in advance of the lecture. Each week’s guest speaker(s) will give a talk in their area of expertise and encourage a lively discussion.

Confirmed Guest Speakers throughout Fall 2018

  • 09/25/18 Climate Change, Geoengineering and Climate Restoration - Dr. Leslie Field

  • 10/02/18 Ruggedized Field Testing, Instrumentation and Engineering - Satish Chetty, MS & Alex Sholtz

  • 10/09/18 Annihilation or Climate Restoration? Building a Resilient Future - Marianna Grossman, MBA

  • 10/16/18 Bi-Polar Observations in a Changing Climate - Doug Stoup, Ice Axe Expeditions

  • 10/23/18 Ocean-Inspired Entrepreneurs - Dr. David Smernoff and Dr. Rocco Mancinelli, HelioBioSys, Dr. Brent Constantz, Blue Planet and Dr. Brian von Herzen, Climate Foundation

  • 10/30/18 Workshop on Solving “Impossible” Problems in Climate Kimberly Wiefling, MS

  • 11/06/18 Sustainable Building; NASA Sustainability Base - Dr. Steven Zornetzer, NASA Ames (Retired)

  • 11/13/18 Electrons and Aerostructures - Brian Kooiman, MS, OhmConnect and Dr. Kenny Cheung, NASA

  • 11/27/18 Entrepreneurship and EVs - Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard, Tesla Co-Founders

  • 12/04/18 Climate Change – It’s Time to Solve This - Dr. Leslie Field, Stanford, Ice911, SmallTech

Some comments from last year’s EE292H students:

“Take it!” “GREAT class. Definitely take it! Leslie is wonderful and the guest lecturers are all incredibly interesting and inspiring.” “The speakers were amazing and the class was just a ton of fun... You'll make very valuable connections and hear from a smorgasboard of inspiring people in a bunch of different fields.” “I HIGHLY recommend this course!... Informative and inspiring!”

Fall 2018 Seminar Class Tuesdays 4:30-5:50 PM

Room 380-380Y, Stanford University

450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 380

Open to Graduate and Undergraduate Students – Auditors also Welcome

If you are unfamiliar with Stanford, please use this interactive map to help you get around. 

Texts: “Cold Cash, Cool Climate” by Jonathan Koomey, Ph.D. and “The Global Warming Reader” ed. by Bill McKibben. Suggest also Paul Hawken’s “Drawdown”. Topical readings available online to registered students, in advance of each lecture.

Dr. Leslie Field, Alaska

Dr. Leslie Field

Founder & CEO


Leslie has been working to save polar ice since 2006. She is an inventor with 54 US patents who has worked at HP Labs, Agilent Labs and Chevron Research, and founded two technical MEMS consulting companies, MEMS Insight and SmallTech Consulting. Leslie earned her BS and MS in Chemical Engineering from MIT and her MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering from UC Berkeley, with a minor in Materials Science. She now runs Ice911 Research, is a Lecturer at Stanford University, and is the Director of the Center for Climate Restoration’s Polar Restoration Action Group.