Restore the Arctic, Restore the Climate Benefit Recap

Thomas Fogarty Winery

In August, we joined together for a special evening dedicated to climate change and Ice911’s progress in the fight to restore Arctic ice. Drawing on the recent wildfires in California, we discussed how Ice911’s solution could protect against future extreme weather.

At the beautiful Fogerty Wine on Skyline Boulevard in Woodside, CA we celebrated our donors’ support and previewed the incredible video put together for us to tell Ice911’s story and mission. We can’t express our gratitude and appreciate enough to Tommy Jordan of Fade to Black Productions for putting this video together!

We raised over $13,000 that night! Thank you to all of our donors, we couldn’t do it without you. One last THANK YOU from the team to Fogerty Wine for donating a portion of the evening’s wine sales to Ice911 and providing us with such a beautiful backdrop.