An Update from Leslie

Dr. Leslie Field

2018 has been an incredible year of outreach for Ice911. The list that follows is amazing, as you’ll see. And what it means to me, personally, is a very heartening change from the original reception of my work (12 years ago) when I got comments like, “oh, you must really like polar bears” (which is true - but that’s not the only reason I do what I do).

This year - VICE Media! Cover of the Almanac! Wonderful scientific endorsements in the video on our homepage! Presentations in Italy, Chile, Sweden, Iceland! Packed class at Stanford!

Some details:

  • More and more people have come to understand that the rapid melt of ice in the Arctic impacts all of us, all over the world. In California, where Ice911 is based, those effects are seen most in terms of drought, massive wildfires, and extreme weather.

  • Climate modeling has shown us that we can not only slow the melt of ice in the Arctic with our solution of using a safe reflective floating sand-like material - but that we can restore Arctic ice, by using it in strategic areas in the Arctic. Wow.

  • Ice911 has been invited to present our work all over the world - an amazing Spring included presentations in Rome, Zurich, and Chile, as well as our home-base in California. Just completed are presentations at Climate Weeks in SF and NYC, and upcoming are presentations in Iceland, Washington DC, and perhaps Davos.

  • We have added some very key members to our Governing Board and Advisory Board rosters, and they are doing amazing outreach on our behalf.

  • With progress like this - we *can* restore Arctic ice! Thanks to you, for joining in this impactful work!!

Our message of #RestoreTheIce is reaching further than ever before.

See us on VICE!

VICE on HBO came with us to the Arctic in April to film us deploying reflective sand at our test site and talk about how we scale. Watch a short clip here.

Climate Action

Dr. Field and co-panelists Dr. Brent Constantz, and Peter Fiekowsky explored the mission of climate restoration and some of the solutions that can get us there, creating jobs and economic benefit in the process.

restore event.jpg

Ice911 hosted an affiliate event exploring the Arctic Weather Climate Nexus, which was well-attended and well-received. Dr. Field and Mr. Decca gave presentations on the effects on weather and climate impacts from Arctic ice melt - and the Ice911 solution to restore Arctic ice.

Looking for additional ways to support Ice911 Research? Follow along and share #RestoreTheIce:


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Engineering, Entrepreneurship and Climate Change at Stanford University

Fall 2018 Seminar Class Tuesdays 4:30-5:50 PM

Room 380-380Y, Stanford University

450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 380

Open to Graduate and Undergraduate Students – Auditors also Welcome

Dr. Field’s annual Fall seminar class at Stanford started last week, with a well-attended kickoff lecture by Leslie on Climate Change, Geoengineering, and Climate Restoration. The class will continue through the Fall quarter on Tuesday afternoons.