As the integral part of our three-step process, deploying and testing our material in an Arctic environment is critical for the Ice911 team to gather data on material effectiveness, rehearse deployments in the Arctic, test its instrumentation, and inform its climate modeling.

Our main test site is in Barrow, Alaska located at the Northernmost tip of the U.S. in the Arctic circle, and home to our largest deployments yet. In 2017, we deployed our material solution on 17,500 square meters (over three football fields) of ice, and in 2018, we deployed 15,000 square meters of material with successful results. With our proprietary remote monitoring buoy, we then track how our material is performing during the spring melt from our lab in California.




We test our automated material spreader to ensure that material is dispersed in a uniform manner. Our test site also provides real-world experience for deploying in harsh Arctic conditions.


In our most recent 2018 testing season, analysis of treated versus untreated areas showed higher reflectivity in treated areas, as well as higher thickness when observed empirically.


Because testing happens on lake ice, the team is able to observe what happens to the material when the ice fully melts. So far, it is non-reactive and integrates with soil at the shore.

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