Ice911 is a Silicon Valley moonshot aiming to stabilize the climate by restoring ice in the Arctic.


Hollow Glass Beads

We can preserve Arctic ice by spreading our safe hollow glass beads on top of ice in a strategic location of the Arctic. The beads are low-cost, scalable, and safe for all. Applied in a specific location of the Arctic, it can restore the Earth’s natural heat shield, rebuild wildlife habitat, and help stabilize global climate. Like a white shirt on a hot summer day, our material reflects heat, protecting the ice below.

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The Arctic has lost 75% of its ice.

The world is warming and Arctic ice is melting. The Arctic’s ice cap acts as a global heat shield, reflecting heat that would otherwise be absorbed by the ocean and destabilize the climate. The Arctic ice cap has lost 75% of its volume since 1979, contributing to approximately 1/3 of global temperature rise and extreme weather like wildfires.

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Now. The Arctic contributes to 1/3 of temperature rise.

In order to avert the most dangerous of climate change impacts, the scientific community has determined we must limit global temperature rise to 2°C above the pre-industrial average -- and every degree is worth fighting for. We must not delay or we face drought, higher temperatures, extreme weather, sea level rise, the loss of 60% of species (including polar bears), and more.

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The Arctic could experience an ice-less summer by 2030.

The Arctic and its ice cap, which is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world, act as a global heat shield. This means that an ice-free Arctic has serious consequences for global temperature rise and weather patterns. At Ice911, we believe it is critical that we act as quickly as possible to prevent further ice loss, which is why we are rapidly scaling our Arctic testing every year.


After extensive field testing, we now have the technology, the team, and the experience needed to stabilize the climate and avoid the worst impacts of climate change, buying us more time to adopt sustainable solutions like renewable energy, electric transport, and carbon reduction.


It's time to act. Help Ice911 restore Arctic ice and pioneer the way to a cooler planet.

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