Global climate change is ongoing. Are there any short-term yet reversible measures we can take to reduce future ecological damage while longer-term solutions are researched and developed?

Enter Ice911: 

Ice911 Research Corporation's charitable mission is the development and rigorous scientific evaluation of an engineering approach to slow one of the far-reaching effects of global warming. The technique preserves polar and glacial ice and polar habitat using a localized and ecologically respectful material to act as reflective ice that can be put in place quickly - and whose effect can be reversed once it's no longer needed.

Ice911 is an engineering approach to reduce the melting of the ice. It is a solution that can be rapidly implemented. It has the potential to slow down the melt, provide interim mammal habitat, and even to rebuild the ice.

Reflective ice in the Arctic is critically important to the world, but it has melted rapidly over just the last 3 decades, as shown in the three figures below from the work of ice researchers Rigor and Wallace:

The consequences of the melt of Arctic Ice are serious and costly, and include rising sea levls, increased temperatures, and increased severity of storms.

Ice911 has obtained results, confirmed by NASA, that show the approach works to slow ice melt.  Ice911 has done years of small-scale testing on lakes, developing the materials, deployment approach and the instrumentation to monitor small-scale field tests. It's time to scale up, because the world needs approaches like this now. By acting to slow down the melt now, we are working to give ourselves the chance to reduce future ecological damage.

Ice911 Research Corporation has been approved as a 501(c)(3) non-profit to conduct the research, development and testing to accomplish the mission of slowing the melt. Please donate generously so we can continue this important work.

Ice911 has been offered a grant opportunity of $90,000 if we can match by the end of April. Please donate today to increase your impact through this match.